Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care Services

Welcome to Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care service page, we have many different locations and offers a variety of services to fit all of your medical needs.  For more information: please contact us at (888) 372-5536.

Our Mission to Each Patient

Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care is design to be
your urgent care.

We want you to receive a warm pleasant feeling when you are being treated by one of our dedicated and friendly staff members. Our goal is to meet the needs of each community we are fortunate to be a part of. We strive for the most affordable healthcare. We focus on prevention and health awareness. As healthcare changes, we will grow with it. We will make every effort to give you a great experience no matter how sick you may be. From our family to yours, we thank you for choosing Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care.

Our Departments

Our Family Medicine doctors are dedicated professionals that provide preventative health maintenance from day to day living and everything in between. We are here to service your needs.

Our team provides high quality care to our children and adolescents, we strive to provide a friendly and fun atmosphere to secure the health of our children in a caring environment.

We offer experience and dedication to return you to optimal health and restore the body back to proper functionality with hands-on techniques.

Our practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women during the beginning of pregnancy until its time to deliver your new addition to the family.

Our advanced radiologist team is one of the best in Southern California. They are equipped with the latest imaging and radiology tests that help our doctors diagnose many conditions.

CT scanning is a fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate procedure that combines many x-ray images. It can reveal internal injuries and bleeding quickly enough to help save lives.

Not Feeling Well? Call Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care

Our imaging center provides a full range of studies that aid the physicians in their diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses and injuries. We have well trained individuals that look forward to serving you.

The osteopathic physicians at Dusk to Dawn focus on osteopathic intervention, and can help treat arthritis, back pain, headaches, tennis elbow, digestive issues, and postural problems.

Pulmonary function tests are a group of tests that measure how well your lungs work. Our test includes how well you’re able to breathe and how effective your lungs are able to bring oxygen.

Our nerve conduction study stimulates and records the ability to send the impulse to the muscles and nerves. We provide preventative and on going care to our patients.

Dusk to Dawn can provide neurology care for patients who may suffer from headaches or head injuries, and other related neuropathies. We can also provide post stroke care, along with diagnosis and treatment of all categories of conditions.

Our Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.

We offer cosmetic dermatological services. We pride ourselves on being professional, comprehensive, and time efficient. The way you feel about your body is important to us.

Our General Surgeons have expertise in the evaluation and comprehensive treatment of patients with injuries and illnesses involving a wide range of systems and anatomical regions. Call us today and make an appointment.

Our Orthopedic team is devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bones, musculo-skeletal system.

Why Choose Us?

Preventative Care

Even though we are urgent care centers, we can provide preventative care services to our patients.  Annual check-ups, immunizations, and tests/ screenings are some of the examples of routine care.  By following guidelines set by USPSTF and other organizations, we provide a bridge for those who are unable to schedule a visit with their own primary care physician.

Family First

Although we treat patients for their urgent care needs, we believe in the importance of having the support of family members to aid in the healing process.  When loved ones understand the disease or injury, they can work together with the patient to help him/ her get better faster.  Also, there may be times when the entire family needs to be seen.  We have the capability of treating pediatric to geriatrics.

Life Time Care

We are here in your community.   Although you may see us for a sprained ankle, you may need us later when you are sick with the flu years later.  We have treated adults, some since they were infants.

Community Health

“As Community Leaders, we stand hand in hand with our patients to help them be advocates of their own health. We help educate our patients to stay healthy.”


Home Care


Wound Care


Blood Work


Flu Shots