About Chef Rhonda Jobe

Baking is my life, every day gives me a chance to create deliciously tasting treats

Chef RhondaHi, I’m Chef Rhonda Jobe – grab a cookie and let’s chat.

The joy of baking had been instilled in me every since I was a little girl, hanging around the kitchen watching my mom cook everything from scratch using fresh ingredients. Now that I have my own kitchen I feel food should look just as tantalizing and good as it taste. In 2015 I started Nadine’s Sweet Treats serving just my friends and family, and now I’m serving California’s Bay Area delivering my deliciously mouth watering cookies, moist cakes, tasty pies, and creamy cheesecakes.  Living in the Bay Area I’ve come to appreciate the freshness of it’s produce and fresh fruits grown locally from the eggs, creams, and butters I incorporate into the flakey, buttery pie crust and pound cakes, and my gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Nadine’s Sweet Treats caters to birthdays big or small, luncheons, corporate events, or on the personal level to satisfy your sweet tooth. Nadine’s Sweet Treats was a vision inspired by my mother’s deep rooted influence of creating delicious meals from the heart and from me staying true to my name sake my aunt Nadine who’s free spirit encouraged me to let the ‘real’ me show in what ever I do, and creating my scrumptious tasting treats is what I do best. So, if you’re California’s Bay Area drop me a order and taste the experience.

Nadine’s Sweet Treats offers Gluten Free, Vegan, and Non-GMO versions of our products

Baking is my Life